Artist's Statement

I am inspired by nature and the natural world, elements that I see while walking in the park or in my yard or neighborhood.  The stylized and abstracted figures, plants, animals, and the natural environments that populate my artwork are derived from these experiences and from my interest in anatomy and botany.  

My artwork is about transformation, metamorphosis and exploring the inner self.  My earlier work deals with the hybridized form—human and anatomical elements morphing into plants or animals.  In my current work, the use of transition and metamorphosis shows itself though the unclear boundaries of the figure and background areas in some parts of my work and though the transition of color and shape.  

My work is more about emotion and mood rather than solely depicting what I see in front of me, so many of the objects and figures are imaginary rather than realistic. My work is also about relationships, how the figures in my artwork relate to one another and to their environments.  Some of these relationships are filled with tension, with figures facing off with one another, or pecking at one another in vulnerable areas.  Sometimes these relationships are more harmonious and peaceful, with smooth transition from one shape into the next or one area into another, in synthesis with one another and their environments.  

©  2002-2024  Catherine Rozmarynowycz.  Reproduction or distribution of the artwork or text without permission is prohibited.